feelings are magic

and photographs are glimpses of it; ALLOW me to show you yours.


DSLR || Digital Mirrorless Cameras: Canon R6 + R5

SLR || 35mm Film Cameras: Minolta X-700 + Olympus Om-1n

Photography & me

Photography can be a craft & it can be art - the best wedding photography requires a lot of both. I didn't know a thing about weddings until an amazing friend asked me to photograph his. That day changed my life! It was mesmerizing. I was humbled by the responsibilities, the raw emotions, and the energy of everything - since then, I have been hooked on that special "I do" magic.

Dry Facts:

  • photographing since 1999
  • prepare & never panic
  • introverted social hummingbird
  • travel pro
  • born and raised in Berlin, Germany
  • lived in the EU, Asia, and North America
  • currently home in Hudson Valley, NY
  • award-winning & print-published

Your turn - I'm looking forward to learning about you.

much love,

Nadine Tlili

Dream Team


bringer of light

Vernon, NJ


wedding coordinator

Warwick, NY


camera gear guru

Philadelphia, NJ


motion magician

Hudson, NY

Clients & their words
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Eddie & Kevin

Nadine LOVES love - and it shows in her work! We were initially drawn to her because of the diversity of couples she'd photographed. From our first meeting, we knew that we would be in good hands. Nadine insisted we meet in person for a few practice sessions before the wedding (we got some great engagement photos!), but that gave us wonderful opportunities to connect in person before the big day. (Nadine has some tricks to make sure you don't look too awkward in your photos... buddy hands!) ...

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Weather Proof

Any weather can make for great photos, so don't worry about the elements we can't control. We will prepare as best as we can together, but on the big day, enjoy everything as it unfolds.