"It was within the first 2 months of meeting each other, we went to a lake in PA and stayed overnight in a really cute cabin with 2 other couples. We remember the one morning sitting on the porch swing, looking out (while everyone else was arguing, lol) we were so grateful for each other and we knew from that moment on that we were different than the rest."

May. 12. 2023

3:00pm - Team Arrives

Pre ceremony pictures? No

4:30pm - Guests Arrive

5:00pm - Ceremony (inside)

5:30pm - Cocktail Hour

5:30pm - Portraits & Barn

6:30pm - Introductions

6:35pm - 1st Dances

7:00 - Dinner & Toasts

8:00pm - Dancing!

8:45 - Cake Cutting


Jack's Barn

1487 NJ-31

Oxford, NJ 07863


Piano & Cello

by Benny Martin, The Wong Janice
  1. What a Wonderful World
  2. Can’t Take My Eyes of You
  3. Over the Rainbow
  4. Can’t Help Falling in Love
  5. You are the Reason
  6. Perfect
  7. A Thousand Years


  1. Another - Adam Doleac (A+Z)
  2. Lady - Brett Young (A+Mom)
  3. My Wish - Rascal Flatts (Z+Mom)