Fact no.1

family group photos take longer than one thinks!

It is one of the most important and least loved parts of each wedding day. Family "formals" always take longer than clients expect, but they can be made easier with good planning.

Fact No.2

clients like to ignore fact no.1 & regret it;

so I'm putting together a guide below (hit the button for your own copy) to help make this part easier — because family group photos can't be skipped, trust me.

copy for your convenience

Recommending no more than eight groups

family shot list

in order:

  1. Everyone
  2. Everyone - parents
  3. B&G + grandparents
  4. B + grandparents + parents
  5. G + grandparents + parents
  6. B&G + parents (multiple sets if necessary*)
  7. B&G + siblings
  8. B&G + siblings + partners 

* in case of complicated relationships 

optional add-ons that are loved
choose your favorite humans, this list looks different for everyone — I hope this example helps:


in order:

  1. B + mom
  2. B + dad
  3. B + sibling(s)
  4. G + mom
  5. G + dad
  6. G + sibling(s)

** cross out any that don’t apply 

*** add if needed