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Warwick, NEW YORK;

Orange County, NY;

Hudson Valley, NY;

Catskills, NY;

New York City;

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Warwick, Orange County, Hudson Valley, NY



Pixieset Suite

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One of my couples specifically wanted to support minority-owned businesses and chose me because I belong to the LGBTQs. Probably the most unpopular group within our ever-evolving alphabet soup: the Bs (and the Qs by default). Ever since I can remember any kind of feelings, I was always attracted to both sexes. Do I think it's a big deal? No. But that is part of who I am.

& I love the original rainbow flag, a symbol of complete inclusion.

love is love


Yes, I am a woman who owns a small business full-time. And it does take a lot of guts (no corporate benefits) and a great deal of dedication and work ethic, that is true, but I also feel the happiest I have ever been. Once upon a time, I had a well-paying corporate leadership position, but I was utterly depressed. Photography + entrepreneurship is where I belong.

Move towards what makes you smile

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