Joli Wild

Your Creative Side.

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The Joli Wild Project

Welcome to a brand new creative workshop series. Free your mind and explore your inner nature through art.
Hosted by photographer and artist Nadine Tlili.

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Every human has a creative nature.

We all have an artist inside us, and life becomes more interesting as we nurture that side of us.

We can reach unexpected creative results when we allow ourselves to open our hearts and minds to the creative process. The joliWild workshops are here to help. Put perfectionism on pause and just let the creative flow take over. We will be diving right into it with the help of different tricks and techniques.

Each workshop will present a different challenge to keep your creative problem-solving skills engaged and to provide different results. You can share each creation, dive into a review, and get it printed.




June 24/25: Inner Children

July 22/23: The Other One

August 26/27: Original You

Launch Deal

$65 $35 ONE-DAY Workshop

$130 $65 FOR Two DAYs & Print